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Food Aid Alliance


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Since the first lockdown of Covid 19 in 2020, a variety of foodaid providers - organisations such as foodbanks, social supermarkets, and community lunch clubs, amongst others - have come together to collaborate in helping people in food poverty in our area.

Initially covering Northampton, we have now expanded to cover the entire West Northants area, the new unitary authority that replaces the old Northamptonshire County Council and local councils.

We are all separate organisations, some of us are tiny, some much larger voluntary organisations also providing a  wider range of services. But we believe that by working together we make a real difference , helping feed more people effectively and with dignity.

We are not all the same, and our work varies

Some of us are faith based, some secular; some informal, some charities, some social enterprises.

We supply food alongside other basics, like toiletries - some of us give other things too

Our aim is to feed people in poverty - whilst we feed some people who have other needs as well, everyone we feed is struggling financially. Our aim is to maximise our efforts by working together and sharing what we have, between ourselves to share with people in need.

Some of us also provide a wider range of help to people who come in, such as help with benefits, training or jobs

We all work to achieve the day when none of us exist - when food poverty is solved. But at the moment we have a duty, and there is so much need, for collaborative work to help the most vulnerable.


What we do

             We work together to gather funds and food for our collective use for people in need

  • We spend funds fairly across our partners
  • We source and share food between us to ensure each food aid provider has enough to share with people in need
  • We work to identify gaps and new needs
  • We try to help each other work together and grow
  • We publish details about where people can get help in accessing food and other services

We are registered nationally as a food aid alliance with Food Power: see their site here


Getting Help

If you need help yourself, or want to refer someone for help to a local organisation, the Directory available below lists local providers.  This will be updated regularly (below, from May 21).

It describes the vast range of organisations in the alliance: how you can get help from each provider, their opening hours and restrictions; any charges they make; any restrictions on access.

Please let us know about any other services we have not listed and anything incorrect about what we have listed.

By organisation   HERE

By Day/time           HERE

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If you need help with issues like benefits or debts please contact:

CAB Northampton

CAB  Daventry

Community Law

National Debtline


School Meals: During school holidays your school should contact you as to how they will supply food, if you are on free school meals or have infants at school. They can offer parcels or vouchers. The Government guidance to schools is here



This webpage is hosted for the alliance by the Northampton Hope Centre. If you need to contact us, ring 01604214300 or email