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Food Aid Alliance


FAAWN food poverty alliance helps people in food poverty through our network of 40 foodbanks and social supermarkets in the West Northants area

Scroll down for listings below of usual foodbank openings by organisation and by day and time



The cost of living crisis is hurting everyone, but especially the people our members seek to support - those in the most extreme poverty.

Our members are all short of food and other items to give to those in need - we need donations. If you can spare anything, as an individual, church, school or a business, PLEASE HELP. To donate, contact a local foodbank within our alliance in your area using the directory below.


Our members are active in distributing Household food aid vouchers. A new scheme will launch soon and we will supply details as these arrive.

There is a specific voucher scheme for older people which organisations can access HERE

For information about council support for people on low incomes, in work or on benefits click HERE

Help if people have no access to the internet:

For those who can't access the Internet, residents can also call WNC’s customer services team and speak to somebody directly about the support available between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Please call the council on 0300 126 7000. 

Here is a directory of WARM SPACES available in this area. These are places where people struggling with heating can go and get warm.




FAAWN is an alliance of roughly 40 food aid providers across West Northants - organisations such as foodbanks, social supermarkets, and community lunch clubs, amongst others - who work together to collaborate in helping people in food poverty.

We work together to gather funds and food for our collective use for people in need

  • We spend our funds fairly across our partners
  • We source and share food between us to ensure each food aid provider has enough to supply to people in need
  • We work to identify gaps and new needs, across all communities
  • We try to help each other work together and grow
  • We publish details about where people can get help in accessing food and other services
  • We work together to avoid duplication, and waste of food and funding
  • We work together to improve the way each of us operates, treating people fairly and with dignity
  • We can provide advice and signposting for welfare support
  • We campaign against food poverty and for resources to tackle it


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Getting Help

If you need help for yourself, or want to refer someone for help, or to donate food and other goods, the Directory  below lists local organisation who can supply food and other help. 

This is updated regularly (below, from Jan 23).

It describes the vast range of organisations in the alliance: how you can get help from each provider, their opening hours and restrictions; any charges they make; any restrictions on access.

Please let us know about any other services we have not listed and anything incorrect about what we have listed.

By organisation   HERE

By Day/time           HERE


Read our tweets about our work here

We are registered as a food aid alliance with the national validating body, Food Power: see their site here

Read HERE about a related project where members of FAAWN help people to learn and use cookery skills, using the food members supply.


National websites

There are many places to get practical advice online about the cost of living crisis.

Examples:  Cooking Good      Bootstrap cook       MoneyHelper     National debtline


Read the definitive report into local poverty, to which many FAAWN members contributed.

Access it here:

----------------------------------------------------------------         -----------------------

If you need help locally with issues like benefits or debts please contact:

CAB Northampton

CAB  Daventry

Community Law

National Debtline


School Meals: During school holidays your school should contact you as to how they will supply food, if you are on free school meals or have infants at school. They can offer parcels or vouchers. The Government guidance to schools is here


About the alliance

We don't all work the same way.  Check via the directory as to what services we offer. 

Some of us are faith based organised, some secular; some informal, some charities, some social enterprises, and we include groups from all communities.

We supply food alongside other basics, like toiletries - some of us give clothes and other things too.

Our aim is to feed people in poverty - whilst we feed some people who have other needs as well, everyone we feed is struggling financially. Our aim is to maximise our efforts by working together and sharing what we have, between ourselves to share with people in need.

Across the alliance we provide a wider range of help to people who come in, such as help with benefits, training or jobs

We all work to achieve the day when none of us exist - when food poverty is solved. But at the moment we have a duty, and there is so much need for collaborative work to help the most vulnerable.

We are linked to West Northants Sustainable Food Place, who work to improve access to food for all in this area

We have a steering group, meets monthly as a full group.

Do you want to volunteer in a local food project? Contact ANY of our providers listed in the directory above


The Northampton Hope Centre  administer FAAWN's funding under direction from the FAAWN alliance, and source, store and distribute food for alliance members.

Read about Hope's food work here

If you need to contact them, ring 01604214300 or email